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Embolden Women's Retreat Group

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Hi ladies!

I am thrilled to have you join the upcoming women's retreat this October! This is a space to connect with other women coming to the retreat! Let's introduce ourselves! Please share ... 1. Your name 2. Where you're coming from 3. What you're passionate about / love to do for fun 4. What you're believing the Lord for in this season 5. One random fact about you! Feel free to add a pic so we can put a face to your name! You can also share if you are looking to share / coordinate a ride from the airport.

Thanks ladies!

------------------------ I'll go first! 1. My name is Mariel 🌻

2. I am coming from Columbus GA (on the border of Alabama!) 3. I love to write (I am working on a book. I also love poetry and writing music!) 4. I am believing the Lord for some promises fulfilled (finally getting married!) 5. I am half Mexican and I used…

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  • Hi Ladies!

    I hope you are doing well! I want to make sure y'all have a good way to easily connect! You can join our new group 'Embolden Women’s Retreat' chat on the GROUP ME APP for your phone. It's super easy to use.

    Here is the link:

    You can also go ahead and post your email / social media handles below if you want to connect with other ladies. I'm mainly concerned about you all getting connected for carpooling!

  • Mariel Villarreal

    Hi everyone ! My name is Remí. I am traveling from Dallas, Texas. I am passionate about working out and staying healthy. I've always been athletic from a very young age. I also have a passion for fashion. I love styling and putting outfits together for fun. Baking and cooking is something that I also do enjoy especially baking. I was always the friend to bake on weekends and bring treats for friends in high school and college. This season I'm believing the Lord for breakthrough in a few areas concerning my family and also for some promises. A fun fact about myself is that I'm from the Bahamas. Im half Scottish and lived in England for 6 years after graduating high school where I attended law school.

  • Mariel Villarreal


    Welcome to the group for the upcoming Embolden Women's retre...


    • 20 Oct Fri | 'Embolden Women's Fall Retreat '

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