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Embolden Women's Retreat Group

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My name is Catherine. 2. God gave me my dream of living in Florida this year so I’ll be flying in from Miami🏝️ Im passionate about fulfilling my call and for fun I love all things that Have to do with fitness! I’m running a half marathon in November and full marathon in January 2024. Im believing Him to give me clarity on my assignment and the strategies to multiply what He’s put In my hands. I met the Holy Spirit in the middle of the night while sleeping at 18 and pursued life in the monastery in Channing, Texas for 18- months in a charismatic order of nuns! I’m now just 6-months shy of 30-years married to my high school sweetheart! I’m looking to carpool with someone from the airport, but will look at renting a car as well. I look forward to connecting with all of you ladies that have a great love and passion for our Lord ♥️

Mariel Villarreal


Welcome to the group for the upcoming Embolden Women's retre...


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