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Prophetic School Community Group 2022

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God bless you all today and always,

Please keep me in prayer. There is a lot of spiritual warfare and I am trying my best to be faithful and humble myself before The Lord Almighty. If you feel prompted, please come in accord with me in prayer that The Lord of Hosts may open streams of income. I am specifically praying for a second job where I can work mostly remotely- that I may continue to develop my relationship w The Lord and a way made through the wilderness for my own business (which I have had plans for since about 2015). Please also keep Hasan T. in your prayers, that The Lord may bring him to Himself in love and show him His salvation and plan in his life.

There are so many PROMISES I am standing on the word for, and I pray we will be motivated to pray in accordance that The Lord Almighty's will may manifest over our lives and that we may all receive breakthrough and answers to our prayers and have His PROMISES manifest fully in His abundant love and faithfulness.

God bless,


Alexa Ibarra
Ebony Coates


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