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Prophetic Word: Expectant Hope

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

Have you been feeling hopeless lately? That feeling like you are stuck and that nothing is ever going to change? Maybe you have been feeling like there is nothing to live for.

In our fast-paced culture where we can have anything delivered in two days to our doorstep, we can easily feel that our circumstances are not lining up with God’s perfect plan for our lives. Surely, by now, I should be the owner of my own company, married, with 4 kids, YouTube famous, and have written 12 books. 

In Ecclesiastes it says, “He has made everything beautiful in it’s time, and to everything there is a season.”

When we compare the book that God is writing for our lives with our friend’s book, we can feel out of time. We can’t compare our current chapter to someone else’s.

For those of you who have felt a sense of “doom and gloom” of the future, there is HOPE. Today is a NEW day, and despite the patterns of the past, God can interrupt any situation with a divine turnaround.

Often times, what needs to change first, is our way of thinking.

The word “repent” actually means to change your mind. When John the Baptist came and said “Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” In essence, he was saying, change your way of thinking to be able to receive a new kingdom mindset. The ways of Heaven are not of this world…because through Christ, anything is possible. John was making away for the miracle-working Son of God. They needed to change their way of thinking to be able to receive the God of the impossible.

To have expectant HOPE, is to believe that something good is actually going to happen. You may not know how it will come, what it will look like, or when, but it is a belief so real the it is as secure as knowing that the sun will rise tomorrow. It is an assurance so strong, that you might as well schedule it on your calendar.

When we have been waiting and waiting on the process, we can grow cynical and bitter, if we aren’t careful. Over time, our expectant hope can turn in to merely wishful thinking.

Wishful thinking: Definition: The imagining of an unlikely future event or station that you wish were possible.

God is wanting us to schedule good things to come, with Him.

If you are wanting to schedule good things with Him, it’s going to take intentional time to change your mind (repent). If you want to see things truly turn around, schedule time with him, and He will schedule things through you.

“Make history with God and He will make history through you.”

Here are some truths for you to dwell on:

God made you, and He LOVES what He made. God made you with certain desires, and He cares about what you care about. God WANTS you to be succeed. He wants you to pass the tests He brings.

I pray God will fill you with expectant hope today.

All the love,


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About the Author

MARIEL VILLARREAL is a writer, speaker, and prophetic mentor. Her heart is to encourage this generation with right-now prophetic words that reignite hope during the waiting between a prophetic promise and its fulfillment. Through her ministry, the Embolden Co., she holds seasonal prophetic mentorships, training programs, and retreats to empower people around the world to develop their spiritual gifts and hear God for their lives—so they can bring revival to the nations. 

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