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1:1 Prophetic Mentorship

Spring sessions 2022

A multi-week journey to thrive in your calling and grow in your prophetic purpose

Are you ready to grow in your current season of life?
Are you tired of feeling stuck in a wilderness?
Do you need help decoding a prophetic process God has you in?
Do you feel that no one understands your walk with God?
Are you contending for a prophetic promise from God?
Do you need help discerning His voice and specific purpose for your life?

If these questions resonate with you, you are not alone!

I've mentored women from all over the world who desire to be confident in their calling and in their relationship with God. I know that it's like to wish I had something to talk to about the prophetic experiences and supernatural journey of following Jesus, only to find I was on my own. I don't want it to be that way for you!

Through this mentorship, I want to empower women just like you to walk in clarity, purpose, and power. 


All of the Deets

+Weekly 1-hour focused mentoring sessions over Zoom for 4 weeks 
+Meetings scheduled based on your time zone and availability

+ Occasional check-in's between sessions


The step-by-step process
1. The first step is to fill out a short application to see if this is a good fit for you!

2. I will review your application and reply back.

3. Spots are limited due to time constraints, so once accepted, you'll need to reply back as soon as possible to claim your spot!

4. Next, we will connect to schedule your weekly meetings.

5. Payment is due by the first session. (payments plans available!)

6. We will start your sessions!


About the Sessions 

Your sessions will be prayerfully covered. I rely on the power, presence, and guidance of the Holy Spirit during the mentorship, who is the ultimate Wonderful Counselor! Every time we meet, we will go over the areas you'd like to receive mentoring and breakthrough in. There may be times of prayer, prophesying, dream interpretation, teaching, consultation, and activations. I tailor the sessions to meet each mentee's individual needs and growth areas! 

You're called to walk in fullness and breakthrough

We aren't meant to journey through life alone. As women called to make an impact for the Kingdom of God and know and encounter Jesus intimately, we need to be intentional about our growth and calling. We often need the guidance of a mentor who has walked the path we are on, victoriously fought the same intense spiritual battles and has contended for the promises through the fire of testing and trials. 

I would be honored to help you in your journey so you can break through into your next level.


Ready to get started?




Note: I also provide individual coaching services by session if you do not want to commit to a 4-week journey! However, the mentorship offers discounted rates on one-to-one sessions. Please click here or email me at to learn more.


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Mentorship Testimonies

"Mariel is an excellent coach! I received more breakthrough during our 2 hour session than in months of other counseling and coaching services!"

-Lauren, Georgia

“I thank God for Mariel! When I started my mentoring sessions with Mariel, she helped me figure out a few roadblocks in my walk with God. I feel more confident to step out into what God is calling me to do. Thank you Mariel for all your prayers and encouragement. Thank you for accepting the call and allowing God to use you to help other girls like myself.”

-Monica, California

Mariel's one-on-one sessions were beyond helpful. Her caring nature and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit provided guidance, counsel, and confirmation for me. She was the prophetic voice that helped me process through dreams and bring clarity to the things I believed The Lord had been speaking to me. I'm so thankful for her ministry!
-​ Sarah, Texas

My time with Mariel was amazing! I truly believe The Lord set this time aside for me to be a part of Mariel’s prophetic mentorship. Every time I saw her post about it, I just kept feeling like I should partake of it! That it would bless me, and allow The Lord to use this to speak into my situation. Going in to our first meeting, I prayed and asked The Lord what He wanted me to share. As I have a promise I have been waiting on, and I greatly treasure it, and whom I tell. I really felt a release to share with Mariel, and let me just tell you!! What happened from there was just amazing, and I knew I could 100% trust Mariel, and what she was speaking into my situation. It’s like He had gone ahead and already prepared us to meet, and for her to completely understand my situation!! How comforting! We laughed, we cried some, and it was just a joy to be encouraged and spoken over by Mariel. I now feel that I’m not alone, and I’m not the only person waiting on big promises! God IS doing BIG things! Mariel‘s faith and purity of heart is so beautiful; it was such a joy to glean from her, and seek the Lord together! I will cherish these last 5 weeks! Thanks so much Mariel!
-Brittany, Texas

My 1-1 prophetic training sessions with Mariel was such a highlight for me from this year so far. She shared a word with me during our first session that described perfectly the season the Lord has me in right now, and has stuck with me ever since.  She also really helped me to process next steps for something prophetic God has been asking from me for where I am at in my calling to my local church right now, which was also such timely and powerful mentorship. Our sessions passed so quickly, and Mariel has been so easy to talk to and such an inspiration to me. I recommend her mentorship program to anyone who is looking for a next step in pursuing the prophetic!
- Karen, Illinois

I did two rounds of mentoring with Mariel. The first one was extremely helpful for spiritual breakthrough. During the second session it was very helpful having a prophetic prayer partner who helped confirm things God has been speaking to me/bring deeper understanding to what I was hearing and sensing from The Lord. This mentorship is helpful for anyone wanting to go deeper in their walk with The Lord or pursue their destiny fully with clearer prophetic insight.

- S. Texas

Mariel is sensible to Holy spirit and always share stories and show how God did in those cases helping us to see a new perspective, bringing hope and acting in a practical way. I recommend Mariel's Mentoring because she is able to help you to hear the Holy Spirit and asking the breakthrough questions you need. It was beneficial to understand there is hope and a new perspective beyond unanswered prayers. One of the greatest highlights for me was that I noticed that my waiting season has a reason and a purpose to the kingdom, but I needed to get dressed for the next season.

- Samara, Brazil

I knew I was meant to have Mariel as a mentor but I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I made in 2021. From the very first session, it was like interacting with an old friend. She was a safe space that God used to gently reveal His plans, advise, teach and provide support. Each session was Spirit led and left me hungry for more of Him, more of His will and with the reassurance of His great love for me. I received confirmation after confirmation as I saw what He spoke through her come to pass. Forever grateful for her obedience and the tangible evidence of what can be accomplished with a life laid down. 
-Afesha, Trinidad and Tobago

I really appreciated how Mariel set the stage for the Holy Spirit to move and have His way each meeting. I went into the mentorship for more clarity on standing for a specific promise and left feeling not just encouraged but empowered with direction and support to finish the good fight. 


I love that this mentorship wasn’t just about how to hear God’s voice (which I needed guidance with also), but to better understand what God is saying to me right now. This type of support ushered in confirmation and made way for me to fully receive God’s peace and assurance that He’s been speaking all along. 

It was very much like being in a dugout with God and having someone interceding for me, helping me to understand the game plan more clearly. 


I would highly recommend this mentorship to anyone, especially those that need help in making sense of this season or anyone who feels alone in their stand to see God perform His Word. The most beautiful thing is that Mariel lets God have His way and it shows. She genuinely wants you to see and hear God the way that you’re yearning to and she will help you to get there. 

- Ashley, Louisiana

The mentorship gave me a safe place to talk about and lay out my process with the Lord lately. It was encouraging to also hear similar stories from Mariel about her own process. Her prayers and visions pertaining to my life gave me something new to hold on in this season.

- Stephany, Texas

I have gained so much from Marie's guidance! As a coach I understand the power of 1:1 sessions, where I was able to share my situation and wait to hear from God. I highly recommend the 1:1 prophetic mentorship, thanks Mariel for your openness to serve, listen to God and mentor me into my prophetic journey. If you're thinking about enrolling, don't hesitate. In this season of my life, I wanted to place God above everything else with a very conscious choice and He has definitely drawn me towards Him in a profound way, that I know whatever happens next will be His plan, strategy and purpose!

- Ava, U.K.



Mentorship and coaching sessions and between-session communication (“Coaching”) is for informational purposes only and not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical or mental health advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical or mental health condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read or heard on this Website or during Coaching.

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