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I'm Mariel

I am a passionate encourager, latte enthusiast, speaker, and writer. After graduating from college, I took a leap of faith to attend Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, CA. An Atlanta native, I returned to Georgia after finishing school to answer God's call to
"Spread revival fire across the southeast of America."

Since that time, I have traveled around the United States, Canada, and overseas to share the love of God and teach others how to hear His voice and deepen their relationship with Jesus.


Through my ministry, the Embolden Co., I now hold monthly mentorships and trainings for men and women all over the world to help people develop their spiritual gifts and hear God for their lives and the world around them.

Our prophetic programs have now raised up men and women in 30 different states and 16 countries! Praise God!

With a background in performance arts, I am passionate about creating and producing films that positively shape culture and inspire this generation with messages of hope. 

When I'm not talking about Jesus, you might find me playing banana grams with friends, onstage in a Shakespeare play, or writing at a local coffee shop. 

Whether I'm on a film set, the mission field, or serving in online ministry, my desire is to see revival come.

Notable Achievements

In July 2021, Mariel founded The Embolden Company, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing revival to the nations.

Mariel made her television debut on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural in 2017, a dream she had in high school. You can also spot her in several television shows and films made in the Atlanta area. 


She worked as a writer for Doug Addison at InLight Connection, and she is a member of Patricia King's Women in Ministry Network. Her work is published in Increase, a publication documenting supernatural testimonies of Jesus transforming lives.

Her most notable achievement is knowing Jesus as a friend.
He is the treasure in the field, and He is preparing His bride from every nation, tribe and tongue.

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