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Prophetic Promises

Navigating Your Adventure to God's Promises

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All of God's Promises
are Yes & Amen

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About Prophetic Promises

Prophetic Promises invites you on an extraordinary adventure—from the moment you first receive a promise from God to its fulfillment. Echoing God's call to the Israelites to enter their promised land, can you hear the invitation to step into your long-awaited promises?


Once you have spied the pomegranates of promise across the Jordan River, settling in the wilderness is not an option. There is no fallback plan; you are called to take hold of every promise God has spoken over your life.


On this journey, you will discover that God is not just a Promise Maker—He is your faithful Promise Keeper. It’s time to prepare to enter your promised land.

Your adventure awaits.

Every Promise is Yes & Amen

Prophetic Promises is more than a book–it's a prophetic message for a generation. It's time to believe God to bring the resurrection power of Jesus Christ to every promise—so he will get glory from our stories.


With prophetic insight and captivating storytelling, Mariel Villarreal serves as your trusted guide on your path to God's promises.

Prophetic Promises empowers you to:

  • Activate the power of God's promises in your life

  • Gain confidence to discern His voice, direction, and timing

  • Unlock the mysteries of dreams, visions, signs, and wonders

  • Overcome obstacles blocking your path to promise

  • Embrace hope and faith for the future God has for you

  • Step into the fulfillment of your promised land

Prophetic Promises covers many topics, including: discerning God's voice, prophetic words, the gift of prophecy, prophetic dreams, signs from God, interpreting dreams, signs, and wonders, how to hear God with confidence, how to test prophetic words, spiritual warfare, how to prophesy your promises from God, the prophetic meaning of the cardinal, the sign of the praying mantis, the prophetic meaning of the pomegranate, and so much more.

Each chapter contains devotional-style reflection sections with questions, prophetic activations, and prayers you can personalize to help you grow in your walk with God.

Every promise is yes and amen in Jesus. Use this book as a guide on the pathway to your own promises from God. 

About the Author

Mariel Villarreal is a writer, speaker, and prophetic voice. In July 2021, she founded The Embolden Company, a ministry dedicated to bringing revival to the nations. Through Embolden, she holds online prophetic schools, mentorships, retreats, and conferences for people all over the world to hear God with confidence for their lives and the world around them. She is passionate about encouraging this generation with right-now prophetic words that inspire hope and faith in God and releases regular encouragement on social media. She is from Columbus, Georgia, and she is the proud dog mom of a mini poodle-spaniel, Sebastian.

Follow Mariel

IG: @ Mariel_Villarreal_

Tiktok: @ mariel.villarreal

FB:@ theemboldencompany


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Endorsements for
PRopheTic PRomiSes

Mariel Villarreal is a true gift to the body of Christ. In Prophetic Promises, she welcomes us on a biblical, prophetic, personal, and profound journey into experiencing the fullness of all that God has made available to every believer. 

Yes, we will face challenges, obstacles, and opposition. And we will sometimes wander in dry deserts and barren wilderness seasons. But we don’t have to miss out on crossing over into our ‘promised land’ of fruitfulness, favor, flourishing, and fulfillment.

Mariel encourages us to co-operate with God’s processes, trust His timing, and wait well on the journey. Above all, she equips us to hear the voice of God and shows how we can receive real-time revelation that will help us navigate through uncharted territory. Her personal testimonies are an inspiration and an invitation to a life of adventure.

Your God is not just a promise giver. He is a promise keeper. You don’t have to live with ‘hope deferred;’ you can live with ‘promise fulfilled.’ In Prophetic Promises, Mariel will show you how.

- Craig Cooney

Lead Pastor: HOPE Church, Northern Ireland

Author of The Tension of Transition, I HEAR YAHWEH, 

The Blueprint, and The Threshold 

Prophetic Encouragement: @daily.prophetic

The promises of God are yes and amen over our lives. God is a good Father and the divine Architect of beautiful plans for us. This book that my friend Mariel has written is a culmination of entering into God’s promises and being able to hear the Father’s voice for ourselves. It’s the essence of staying on course and running our race that the Lord has set for us. Mariel is a skilled author and teacher of the Holy Spirit and how to follow His leading. She is a much-needed and trusted prophetic voice for the times we live in, and her heart is fully devoted to the Lord. I know and pray that this book will lead you into a deeper encounter with the Lord Jesus. 

- Alwyn Uys

Author of Unbroken

Founder of Alwyn Uys Ministries


It’s such a great honor to endorse the book, Prophetic Promises. I’ve known Mariel for over a decade and have seen her grow in her prophetic gifting while remaining humble and reliant on the Lord. The wisdom found in this book has been cultivated through her own faith journey with God and through the tests she has faced personally. I encourage you to not only read this book but continually ask the Lord how He is calling you to respond to the various chapters and sections. I believe that if you invite God to speak to you through this book and have the courage to apply what He says, your life will never be the same. 

- Andrew Chalmers

Author of Discovering the Joy 

Founder of Take the City


One of the most disorienting realities in the life of faith is living in two places at once—rooted in the promises of God while standing waist-deep in the wilderness.  But God invites us into a beautiful story of intimacy, invitation, and wonder as we learn to hold both simultaneously, and ultimately choose to let one win out.  That’s the triumph that Mariel reveals to us in Prophetic Promises, as she invites us to follow her journey and the journey of God’s people throughout time to inherit what is rightfully theirs through Christ.  


I’ve known Mariel for close to ten years and have the joy of walking with her as her pastor.  The most beautiful part of this book is that it showcases the kind of life I’ve watched Mariel live. There’s no fluff here; it’s genuine and sincere and true to her process with Jesus. Her journey with the Lord has been a gift to me and to our church family, and she is a gift to the Body as a prophetic voice and friend.  


I pray as you read this book, you too will discover the treasure chest of tools and prophetic wisdom she shares and how to contend for every promise God gives. “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ.” 2 Corinthians 1:20 

- Grant Collins

Lead Pastor, Fountain City Church


In a world filled with uncertainty, Prophetic Promises stands as a beacon of hope, guiding readers on a profound journey of seeking God’s promises. Through its pages, Mariel Villarreal masterfully weaves together biblical truths, personal anecdotes, and practical wisdom to empower readers to uncover the fulfillment of God’s promises in their lives.


This book is not merely a collection of theories but a roadmap for those hungering for the manifestation of God’s prophetic words. With depth and clarity, Mariel navigates the intricacies of seeking God’s face, cultivating intimacy with Jesus, and partnering with Him to see His promises come to pass.


Whether you’re grappling with doubt, facing delays, or simply longing for a deeper connection with God, Prophetic Promises offers invaluable insights and strategies to propel you forward. Through heartfelt encouragement and practical teachings, you will be equipped to overcome obstacles, embrace patience, and stand in faith as you await God’s promises. Let this book be your guide as you journey toward a deeper understanding of God’s faithfulness and a greater experience of His prophetic fulfillment in your life.

- Dr. Diane Swanson

Christian Leadership Coach

Author of The Leadership Mantle

National Women’s Program Director, Hoving Home

Adventure Awaits.
Let's navigate the journey to the promised land together,

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