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Winter 2023
Prophetic School

Applications NOW CLOSED for
the winter
 Prophetic School!


Grow in Hearing God's Voice


Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy.

1 Corinthians 14:1 NIV

During this online prophetic school, you will grow in your ability to hear God, cultivate your spiritual gifts, and thrive in your calling for such a time as this!

"Is this school right for me?"

Let's find out! Does this sound like you?


  • I feel like I am made for more in this time and I want to discover my calling.

  • I want to grow in confidence in hearing God's voice so I can make the right decisions, live in greater purpose, and grow in my relationship with Jesus.

  • I want a stronger Biblical foundation for the prophetic so I am rooted in the Word of God as I step into the supernatural.

  • I think God is speaking to me through unusual ways that others don't understand. I often see repeating numbers, signs, and coincidences, but I need guidance to know what God is speaking and what to do with it!

  • I want to understand dreams and visions and learn how to interpret them with clarity!

  • I want to step out more in sharing God's love with others - I need to activate my spiritual gifts to be empowered to be a witness for Jesus!

  • I often feel alone in my pursuit of God. I am longing for a supportive prophetic community - a tribe that will understand me and encourage me to step into all God has for me.​


If any of this resonates with you,
you're in the right place!

Join the waitlist for the next Prophetic School!

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Hi, I'm Mariel!

For the past 10 years, I've mentored people from all over the world who desire to be confident in their calling and in their relationship with God. I know what it's like to wish I had someone to mentor me through the prophetic experiences and supernatural journey of following Jesus, only to find I was on my own. I don't want it to be that way for you! I want to empower you to walk in clarity, purpose, and boldness when it comes to hearing God's voice!

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Introducing the Online Prophetic School

During the school, you will get the practical and biblical tools, support, and confidence you need to grow in hearing God's voice and develop the prophetic gift! This is a unique online mentoring experience because you won't get lost in the crowd! You will get to experience live interaction and personalized attention in a smaller group setting - along with personal prophetic ministry. 

How does it work?
With weekly LIVE classes, you will grow in a supportive, interactive community class. Plus, with self-paced online lessons, you grow on your own time, on your own schedule. Even  if you can't attend the live sessions, you can watch the replay, which means you can join us from any time zone!

A Few Program Details
- Begins the week of February 21st and runs through March 21st!

+ Live sessions will take place Tuesday evenings and Thursday afternoons in USA Eastern Standard time 
+ Weekly live 90 minute group sessions over Zoom* 

+ Access to online lessons and live replays to watch on your own schedule
+ Access to the prophetic school online community 

*Note: Both USA and International students welcome to apply! 

Weekly self-paced sessions include:

  • Video lessons

  • Weekly activations

  • Journal prompts

  • and more!

  • Weekly LIVE sessions include:

  • Live teaching

  • Prophetic ministry

  • Group prayer

  • Connecting with an encouraging community

  • Practical activations

  • Group discussion

  • Q&A time


For you can all prophesy in turn so that everyone may be instructed and encouraged.  

1 Corinthians 14:31

Apply today!
Spots are limited and
Applications close February 18th!


Are you ready to grow in hearing God's voice?

Here's what you will gain!

  • Build a biblical foundation for hearing God and the prophetic gift

  • Grow a deeper relationship with the Holy Spirit

  • Learn why prophecy is for today and how it can change your life

  • Get practical application for spiritual gifts and prophetic words

  • Learn + activate different ways God speaks (numbers, signs, miracles, coincidences, and more!)

  • Get insight into how to discern "Is this God or Me?" 

  • Understand your dreams and learn dream interpretation

  • Get breakthrough in hearing God while contending for difficult promises

  • Old Testament prophecy vs. the New Testament gift of prophecy

  • Activate + sharpen your prophetic gift to evangelize and encourage others

  • Learn prophetic etiquette and how to rightly judge prophetic words

  • Using the prophetic to see more breakthrough in prayer

  • The elephant in the room: the "new age" vs. genuine gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Find your prophetic community

  • and much more!

Early Bird School
Registration Cost

Two Options:


One-Time Payment

(Save $21 with this option)

Payment Plan

(normally 399!)

2 x Monthly Payments of
(normally $210)

Hear what others say about the Prophetic School!

From the very first session, it was like interacting with an old friend. She was a safe space that God used to gently reveal His plans, advise, teach and provide support. Each session was Spirit led and left me hungry for more of Him, more of His will and with the reassurance of His great love for me.

Angela, T+T

I would highly recommend taking Mariel's classes on the prophetic. It's for anyone looking to grow and get activated in the spirit of prophecy. Mariel shares a lot of wisdom and knowledge, and She provides a clear biblical foundation for hearing God in your life. I can't wait to see how God will move through the upcoming classes.

Monica, California

It’s been so impactful to know I’m not crazy, God IS speaking. I can be bold and prophesy over my friends and even strangers by trusting the Holy Spirit. Every time I’ve taken a step of faith in this school, it’s seemed to resonate with my prophetic partners / with the class as a whole. I can trust Him to give me the words and be brave! Thank you for equipping and helping us!

Tara, USA

Having a place to learn and ask questions about the prophetic was so life giving and empowering to me. I feel more confident and bold in my walk in the prophetic and can’t wait to see what more God has for me! I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Cindy, California

Not only have I learned and grown in my relationship with Jesus, but Mariel has helped me to lean into what God is saying. If you want to grow deeper into your calling and want to have someone that truly listens and prays for you, I recommend doing this time with Mariel. She truly does care and wants you to learn from Jesus in new ways! I’ve come to realize Jesus is always speaking; I just have to be quiet and listen to Him. Thank you, Mariel, for your mentoring and how much you’ve helped me!

Carley, Georgia

Knowing that this school is a safe place to learn and practice prophecy is really comforting. Both you and the people in the group are really encouraging. I have learned a lot. These classes and sessions have really opened my eyes and made me realize that I really can prophesy, and I love doing it! I really hear God's voice, and I love and cherish it. It's also challenged me to go deeper, to press in, and to lean closer.

Jewel, USA

I am glad that I joined the prophetic school! During each session, I felt God is speaking to direct to my heart and telling me that He is with me through this season of wilderness that I am in. I am thankful to be able to find someone and even a community that has the same passion, because sometimes people do not understand my personal journey with the Lord (dreams, signs and others). I really enjoyed and felt blessed during my time with Mariel and the group. I thank God for allowing me to join the session!

Karina, Indonesia

My highlight from the school was practicing spiritual gifts in a like-minded community (a relief not to be doing alone!). Mariel's teaching was really helpful and particularly helped me find a process when I pray for people and give a prophetic word. It simplified a lot of things to make it seem less scary!

Grace, Australia

I came across Mariel's page and I felt connected to her messages. When I saw her post about the prophetic school, I knew in my spirit I had to be a part of it. It has been the best experience of my summer. I enjoyed the setup of the course, most importantly the content was unmatched. The program provided me with a wealth of biblical information. Mariel's style of teaching was perfect for me, full of the joy of the Lord, everything was scripture backed and loved the examples she gave from her life experience, I got answers from those stories as well. I feel way more confident in prophecy and the ways the Lord is speaking to me and I have  been more aware of prophesying day to day. I thank God for leading me to Mariel, she is definitely a prophetic voice I can trust. I am grateful to have been a part of the prophetic school.

Karen, USA

Thank you so much Mariel! You have no idea how much being apart of this group has impacted me and changed my life forever!

Jenn, NM

At first, I wasn’t sure if joining the school was something I should do as I’m not exactly super prophetically gifted, but I’m so glad I did and followed the nudge of the Holy Spirit!

Through it, I really enjoyed your stories & felt like I had the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone & lean in to encounter Jesus. This school helped to radically shift my perspective in that hearing and walking with Jesus is always an invitation to know him deeper.

Chasidy, USA

The prophetic group with Mariel was a powerful shift for me in my view of the prophetic. Before the class, I was holding onto a belief that the prophetic was for the elite. Mariel demonstrated that hearing the voice of God is for everyone and that the prophetic can be fun and an opportunity to take some beautiful risks with God. She provided sound and practical teachings coupled with a fun and energetic activation. After the first two sessions, I found myself looking and finding opportunities to engage the prophetic for myself and others. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking to explore the prophetic and wants to have a little fun in the process.

Aeran, North Carolina

In short, my experience in the school was incredibly enriching and a source of so much clarity and breakthrough in my life. Every word spoken resonated. The sessions were so well balanced and structured between the lessons and prophetic activations. I learned so much and will be going over the sessions again and my notes. The Spirit moved in so many amazing ways throughout the school. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to join and be a part of this community. 

Claire, Texas

 I feel inspired, equipped, and more confident for where God is taking me.

Molly, New Englad

I enjoyed the prophetic school and feel grateful I was apart of it. I felt it came at an important time in my life even if it still doesn't make full sense to me now. It was new to me to learn about prophesy and how we grow to hear from the Lord.

 Michelle, Australia

I truly believe The Lord set this time aside for me to be a part of this. Every time I saw Mariel post about it, I just kept feeling like I should partake of it! That it would bless me and allow The Lord to use this to speak into my situation. God IS doing BIG things! Mariel‘s faith and purity of heart are so beautiful; it was such a joy to glean from her and seek the Lord together! Thanks so much, Mariel!

Brittany, Texas

This is great for people new to the prophetic and ones who have had plenty of experience. I enjoyed the teaching because everything was based in scripture, which I have found can sometimes be over-looked when attempting to walk in the supernatural. The community is great. It is a safe place to test the gifts and it was awesome to see how the Lord was working through everyone together as we stepped out.

Joshua, Mississippi

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“‘In the last days,

God says,
   I will pour out my Spirit
on all people.
Your sons and daughters
will prophesy,
   your young men
will see visions,
   your old men will dream dreams."

Acts 2:17 NIV

Grow in Prophetic Community


We grow our gifts in community.
It's where we
get the confidence to step out and take risks as we allow God to stretch us. This school will give you access to a supportive community to build lasting friendships around the world and grow in a fun, safe and encouraging atmosphere!​ Join us—we are looking for you!

Are you ready to grow in the prophetic?

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